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Free Classroom Management Resources

I have just finished of some classroom management resources, that I have uploaded to my website


These include mechanisms to randomly split up a class of students into a smaller group, how to manage more complex group options, and finally a simple tool to create bingo activities.


Why am I eating my breakfast out of a kids plastic bowl?

My 18 month old son, has taken a liking to helping unload the dishwasher – which is great and something that we are all for encouraging, but he is only 18 months and we are breaking a few too many bowl and glasses. My 3 year old son is “…a big boy now” and therefore needs to eat his cereals or puddings out of “.. a big boy bowl”.

So due to the combination of less bowls available and more people in the household using them, I have been delegated to eating my cereals out of the kids bowls…..

PowerPoint training at Gateway College

Spent the afternoon at Gateway College, where I was running some PowerPoint training for the ILT Coaches that they have recently appointed.  Session went well, with lots of new skills being learnt, and of course using some of the resources from my website


Mind genius has just got cheaper

I love Mind Genius, and use it for all sorts of things from planning, to presenting, to time management.  If an organisation has a licence for it, then it doesn’t allow you to take a copy home, however it isn’t that expensive to have a copy at home anyway, but at the moment they are offering a reduced rate anyway.

Check out http://www.mindgenius.com/campaigns/education/back_to_uni/backtouni.html

MoLeNET event in London

Been in London all day (at the Oval – which is great for a cricket fan like me), at the MoLeNET event. Saw some very impressive uses of mobile learning that colleges around the country have been doing, as well as attending a presentation where someone had used one of my PowerPoint timers (www.a6training.co.uk/resources.php) in his presentation which is always nice to see.

Turning down of work

Today was a a very weird day for me. I was offered a job that was worth the equivalent of over £40,000 per annum and I turned it down.  The job would have been project managing the setting up of an e-learning project to support kids who have been excluded from school in the Sheffield area. In many ways it would have been the ideal job for me, combining my interests in e-learning and my youth work background. Alas though I decided that the commute was too much, and wanted to put my family life first. It is encouraging to know though that there is still work out there for me, if my freelance ventures don’t take off.


Please read the comments for this post before, following my advice with this posting. It turns out that asknerd.net isn’t as good as I thought! In fact this site should be avoided at all costs, as is in my opinion appears to be a very professional scam. I am leaving the original post in italics below for posterity.

The last few days I have been having some problems with my computer, and doing a search on Google for diagnostic advice – I came across asknerd.net which is really good – it gives straight non jargonised answers. Excellent little site.

But can I reiterate, that my advice to anyone reading this is not to visit asknerd.net as they will try and sell you something that you don’t need.