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Please read the comments for this post before, following my advice with this posting. It turns out that asknerd.net isn’t as good as I thought! In fact this site should be avoided at all costs, as is in my opinion appears to be a very professional scam. I am leaving the original post in italics below for posterity.

The last few days I have been having some problems with my computer, and doing a search on Google for diagnostic advice – I came across asknerd.net which is really good – it gives straight non jargonised answers. Excellent little site.

But can I reiterate, that my advice to anyone reading this is not to visit asknerd.net as they will try and sell you something that you don’t need.


10 Responses

  1. I am a home PC user. Have had problems with it, the ‘repair’ guy ‘fixed it’, but when I went to print some pages, message appeard “no spooler”. Then I found that I had no printer entered on my PC either and I’ve had it for about 2 years.

    Have a feeling that the ‘fix it’ guy just “restored” my PC to a past date, especially as I had my e-mails coming up dated 10th October 2007 ! He assured me he did not do that, but my printer is missing and the PC won’t accept the printer’s CD.

    Mr Fix it also suggested I get on to Google and get some help. I did so and got “Errorfix”, chose the $10 package, and a bill came up for over $57.. Today, when I try again, I get masses of warnings not to go to “Errorfix”. What now – and how do I fix the problems. I think the lack of spooler is because of the lack of printer – which should have been on it had the ‘fix it’ guy not just ‘restored’ it – am I right in thhinking ?

    How can I get reliable help please ?

    • This is a tricky one. There are some tools out there which you can buy, that do improve performance, but there are lots out there that are scams. I don’t know if Errorfix is one of them, but if they advertised $10 and then tried charging $57 then that doesn’t sound too good, and the fact that you are getting lots of messages, could mean that your computer is now infected with something – so I would run a full virus scan (assuming that you have virus software) and see if that helps before you do anything else (certainly don’t do any online banking or use a credit card from that computer until you have solved this one).

      I am based in the UK so cannot give much advice, but ask friends or family or people at work if there are any IT guys that they recommend and get someone else to have a look for you.

      In terms of the printer problem, I don’t really know, it may be that you need to firstly uninstall it (incase there are bits of the installation in situ) and then reinstall it again.

      Hope this helps.

    • Having done another search – I have found this link – http://errorfixscam.blogspot.com/ which makes for intersting reading!

  2. Asknerd.net is a scam marketing site for XP Medic and Registry Patrol, both of which are malware. You should not be recommending people to this site. Any search of “asknerd” or the software they sell (even though the site says they are not associated with XP Medic or Registry Patrol) will bring up several alert sites such as RipOffReport.

    I was dumb enough to be duped, as the asknerd site does look convincingly like a helpful tech support site, but it is nothing more than a marketing portal for XP Medic and Registry Patrol. I bought Registry patrol, and it disabled my anti-virus monitoring and alerts. Nice. Once I ran a scan of my system that identified Registry Patrol as malware, I did some surfing and found out that asknerd is a marketing site and the software is a ripoff. Lessons learned.

    Buyer beware!

  3. Is there any recourse here? I also got scammed by these guys only it was for a friend and now I’m gonna owe him the $40 he’s out. Egads!

  4. I will have to agree with Dave and Kerry. Asknerd.net, registrypatrol.com are convincing looking sites and I was duped into downloading the registry patrol to help speed up my computer.
    I did not buy anything but my antivirus software stopped thedownload and protected my computer. The download contained a virus.
    I say “beware”

  5. Hi, many, many thanks. I almost fell for the Asknerd sales pitch but as I looked down the list on my google search, I spotted your blog. You’ve probably saved me a load of trouble.
    Have you any comments about Security Shield Deluxe?
    I’ve had it for a couple of years and it seemed OK, but now it’s time to renew my subscription and I have been directed to their support site iYogi and they tried to sell me a support package for $399. Needless to say I declined and cut the connection. I’ve got 8 days before I need to install Security shield Deluxe 2010, but am beginning to doubt their credability.

    • Glad my post was of interest, and that it has helped you avoid a dodgy site. Sorry I don’t know anything about Security Shield Deluxe.

  6. Thanks for the warnings re Asknerd and XPmedic. My computer has become incredibly slow. 18 minutes to load internet etc and I am getting desperate, any ideas?

    • Glad that my blog post has helped you avoid a pitfall, but in terms of a slow computer, you need to talk to someone else – it could be many things, and I am not that technical, so not the best to ask. Sorry

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