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Mind42 – another online concept mapping tool

I have been experimenting with another online concept mapping tool. This one is called Mind42 and can be found at http://www.mind42.com I think this has a use and supercedes my recent postings to this blog where I have mentioned bubbl.us and Mind Meister, Bubbl looked OK but took a bit of getting used to, Mind Meister only allows you to create a few maps for free, then it requires a subscription.

Mind 42 has a few key features that I like.

It allows you to export to Word – which is very important educationally for students that are using to help plan assignments.

It is free and there doesn’t appear to be any restriction on the number of maps that can be produced.

In theory it contains embed code so that it can be inserted into a blog – which I have tried to do here via my Blog (powered by WordPress) and haven’t been able to, instead all I seem to be able to do is link to it..

Online concept mapping

I did manage to embed the map into a pbwiki quite easily, but it embed it in such a small window that it was hard to see, and there wasn’t a link that would then take you to the full map (which you would have to then add manually yourself). So this is something that they may need to work on.

All in all though I am quite impressed. I haven’t though been able to road test this with numbers of people, that will be the real test


3 Responses

  1. I have been experimenting with this site and found it very easy to use. My SfL literacy with IT adult learners will be using it soon as part of the “planning writing” lessons.

  2. Mind42 seems to be another online MindMapping tool. Mindmaps are hierarchical, tree-like structures. Concepts maps OTOH are Graph like.

    What I am really looking for is a decent wysiwyg concept mapper. Mindmappers are 10 a penny these days. Best concept mapper I have seen is Instaviz but this is only available for iPhone…

    • Agreed there is a difference between a concept map and a mind map. The main reason that I used the term concept map rather than mind map – is the term mindmap and mindmapping is actually registered to Tony Buzan who invented the principle back in the 1970s – and if you look at his books he lays out quite specific rules that a mind map should have (e.g. starting at centre, moving outwards organically, writing the text above the connector rather than at the end of it etc…) The only software that I am aware of that follows those rules to the letter is his own imap software – all others don’t follow them exactly.

      This is only semantics – and I am not too worried about arguements about the differences between the 2 types of tool – as long as people can make the best use of the softwares.

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