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New e-assessment tool from the University of Derby

On Monday, I spent the day at my old employer – the University of Derby, who have a unit called I4L that have developed over the last few years a highly sophisticated e-assessment tool called Quicktri , that will hopefully be available for sale in the next few months. This is based on the universities extensive experience in this area of work, but up until the development of this tool, it could only be used by teams of developers experienced in Authorware. The idea with this tool is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to use it, just an understanding of question types and styles, but it still retains much of its power, that goes way beyond the other simpler tools that are currently available.

With the Government’s desire to engage more and more in e-assessment I think tools like this will come to the fore, and I hope that people when choosing such tools look at a variety of options, including Quicktri, rather than jumping for the first that comes along.

Like any e-learning tool. If used well can be excellent, if used badly can be horrible – yet again that cry for taking staff development seriously!


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