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The Dave Foord Guide to PowerPoint

I have produced an 11 page document, which a summary of the principles that I follow when using PowerPoint. A lot of the document is based on my opinion (hence the title) – and I am not saying that I am ‘right’ about everything, but these are the principles that I use. I have decided to release this document on my website, in a hope that if other people use it, they may be able to come up with their own ‘rules’ that they follow.

The document can be found at



The RAC traffic report

I have for many years found the RAC traffic report on their website, I very useful tool, but it has recently just got a lot better, as rather than having to know all the road number that you will be travelling down, it is now done by a map, that you zoom in and out of, and it shows slow traffic with the average speed in a colour coded arrow – so very easy to see hotspots on your planned route.


Using this in conjunction with a 3G connection, means that as long as I have my laptop with me (which is always) and a co- passenger, I can have up to date traffic reports as I am driving. Which is great for me, as I haven’t yet succumbed into buying myself a sat nav system

Training session on m-learning and ESOL

Have just run a training session at Uxbridge College for the ESOL team, on how various forms of mobile learning can be used in the area of ESOL. Session included the usual suspects of using mobile phones, using Audacity to record sound files, wireless mouse and keyboard and voting pads. Session went very well although the projector wasn’t showing red, so many of the things sown looked very odd, or not visible at all. I was very impressed by the attitude of the team, which was very positive. Normally when I run training sessions of this nature, there are usually a few people that are apprehensive and sometimes obstructive at training sessions, but none this time, and some of the ideas that I was showing, were the sort of things that normally ‘worries’ such people.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon altogether.