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Posting a blog entry from the Google Home Page

I have just added ‘WordPress Gadget’ to my personalised Google Homepage, which if this works, should allow me to post an entry to my blog from there.


Blogs in plain English

I have posted a few of these types of videos here in the past – I do think they are very cleverly created, and make a point so much better than I can.

Using Shozu to Upload images from camera phone to blog

Having resisted the urge to have a decent phone for so many years (the picture below is an example of my just being replaced phone) – I have finally succumbed and have invested in a proper phone that does proper things like take photos. And thanks to the wonders of ShoZu – I can take a photo on my cameraphone – and have get it sent to a variety of places, including Flickr, Facebook, this blog.

Posted by ShoZu

How to embed videos into Moodle

Embedding videos that are housed on YouTube, or VideoJug or similar into Moodle, is very easy, and can be very effective as a learner tool, especially if cimbined with some other activities (e.g. some questions following the video). We have to be conscious of Copyright issues – but that is a whole new area in itself

Paul Andrews of Coleg Gwent has produced some guides on how to do this, as well as a list of some different video sharing sources.


Embedding VideoJug code into PowerPoint 2003

At a training session this afternoon I was asked how to embed a VideoJug video into a PowerPoint 2003 presentation.

Although at first it may seem complicated, it is actually quite easy – especially when you have done a few.Firstly – watch the video below which shows how to do this with a YouTube video – the VideoJug technique is very similar, the differences I will detail later.

The differences with VideoJug – is that we need to take the Embed code not the URL code – At the moment this can be found just below and right of the video viewing area – if you copy this and then paste into something like word – you should get something that looks like the code below.

In this locate something that looks like

name=”movie” value=

(highlighted in cyan in the image below)

After this will be a URL inside inverted commas (below this is highlighted in yellow) – this is the code that you want, so copy this and paste this into the properties box of your Shockwave Flash Object in PowerPoint