Embedding VideoJug code into PowerPoint 2003

At a training session this afternoon I was asked how to embed a VideoJug video into a PowerPoint 2003 presentation.

Although at first it may seem complicated, it is actually quite easy – especially when you have done a few.Firstly – watch the video below which shows how to do this with a YouTube video – the VideoJug technique is very similar, the differences I will detail later.

The differences with VideoJug – is that we need to take the Embed code not the URL code – At the moment this can be found just below and right of the video viewing area – if you copy this and then paste into something like word – you should get something that looks like the code below.

In this locate something that looks like

name=”movie” value=

(highlighted in cyan in the image below)

After this will be a URL inside inverted commas (below this is highlighted in yellow) – this is the code that you want, so copy this and paste this into the properties box of your Shockwave Flash Object in PowerPoint



4 Responses

  1. Hey i saw this and it is amazing but i’m having a problem. I tried the same technique for a thing called viygo which has a code for embedding, but i can’t get it to go to the specific timeline. Please help me. thank you

  2. I have had a look and cannot work it out either. The embedding code works differently for each application, so for example I found the code for YouTube, I then worked out (through a bit of trial and error) the code for VideoJug, but I couldn’t then work this out for TeacherTube!

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help

  3. Hi Dave,
    I am trying to embed a video from the following website into a PowerPoint presentation. I have tried to do it with no success and I am desperate to work it out, can you help? I promise to send you an MTV goodie if you find a solution!

    Link as follows:

    I found the embed code:

    Thanks in advance,
    Marco Arabit – MTV Networks Europe

    • Hi Marco. That is a very good question, and I don’t know the answer – as it will depend on how the streaming server (e.g. your website) deals with the video, and how PowerPoint can interpret it. I only found out how to do the YouTube embed by doing a Google Search.

      What you could do – is create a screen shot of the first frame of the video, and put this into your presentation, then add a hyperlink for the video to that image – this way when you click on the image it will take you to the internet, and then play the video, so won’t be technically embedded but will look OK.

      I hope that this helps.

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