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Educational laptops for less than £100

The Asus eee which is an ultra small, ultra lightweight laptop type device but most importantly costs about £200 has started a kind of revolution, where devices are getting smaller, lighter, cheaper, and significantly are moving open source solutions such as Linux and Open Office.

Elonex have  plans for a similar device to appear in June this year for less than £100


These development are not for everyone (I for one with bad eyesight, and fat chunky fingers will probably always go for the bigger laptop type device), however this does present a completely different model for educational establishments. Rather than investing heavily in thousands of computers in Learning resource centres and classrooms, they could just invest in a really good realiable wireless network, and allow people to bring in their own devices (whether they be full size laptops, mini laptops or other internet enabled devices). This would save the institutions lots of money, would save the environment (think of all those computers that are currently left switched on not being used).

There would obviously be other isues to consider such as storage, re-charging, acceptable use policies, bullying etc. but all of these are surmountable and the benefits enormous.


One Response

  1. I agree that this is one of the most important for education, and also really important in that the EEE-PC doesn’t initially make use of Windows Applications.

    This could be a huge disadvantage to some – but proves that it can be done.

    In terms of chunky fingers and poor eyesight, the eeePC at least has functionality to add external monitors and keyboards. While this reduces the portability, it still allows access to cheap computing.

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