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Training in Inspirations without mentioning Dyslexia

This week I have run 2 training sessions on the use of Inspirations (mind mapping software), and on both occasions I have made no reference to disability or dyslexia until the very end of the session. A lot of people associate this software with Dyslexia (and the origins of the software is in this area) – however the key point that I am trying to promote at the moment is that it can be used by any learner, not just those with disabilities. As I have gone through the session, I have shown the educational benefits of the software and how it can be integrated into teaching, and it is only at the end of the session, that I mentioned the fact that as well as being useful for all learners, it will (can) very much help those with dyslexia.

The buzz from staff at the end of the sessions, has also been very positive as they have been very excited with what it can do.


One Response

  1. I’m so glad to read about your session with Inspiration. As you know I’m a very keen user of the software and have stopped saying that it’s for dyslexic students as well. If a college bought it through TAG learning, the college can give it out to staff for home use for free (well, only up to the number of licenses that they bought) but you probably know this too.

    And thanks for the tip about uploading to Bb, which I managed to do yesterday.

    Will email you tomorrow with details of the text messaging trial.

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