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We need more power scotty!


Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

Mobile learning is sweeping across education. At the same time a large number of schools and colleges are being rebuilt and have been designed to serve the next 50 years, but a lot of these rebuilds are not thinking about how people are going to charge their personal mobile devices – have they designed this into the plan?

Are we going to start seeing locker devices like this one in schools and colleges, where devices are both secure and charging at the same time. I remember when I was at school, the PE teacher had a little tin that you put your wallet, watch and keys in, as the changing rooms weren’t secure, I wonder what PE teachers will be doing in a few years time….


The language of images – quietzone

Welcome to the Quiet Zone

Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

Whilst traveling on a train yesterday I noticed this sign, identifying a carriage where phones and music players are banned however looking at the image it occurred to me, that the language of the image suggests that it is a place to use headphones and mobiles.

As I try and encourage people to make their learning more visual, there is a need to think about the ‘language of images’ – what information does the image give, in the absence of written language.

Disabled viewing

Disabled viewing

Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

Whilst having lunch at Newbury Racecourse, I noticed this sign, and thought it a bit odd. When I first saw the sign, my first instinct was it was somewhere to go to view disabled people (bit like being at a zoo).

I am guessing though that it is a raised platform allowing shorter people or those in wheelchairs a better view of the races by getting them higher up. But did this area need to be labeled – isn’t it obvious, and couldn’t it have been called ‘raised viewing area’ or similar?

Sending images from phone to Flickr, then to blog

Newbury Racecourse

Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

Today I am running a training session on the uses of m-learning for Abingdon and Witney College. The day is being held at Newbury Racecourse, and I am using this image (that I have taken on my phone) to show how easy it is to get an image from the phone, into Flickr and then into a blog.

Colour Combination Chart

When I run training session on topics like PowerPoint, I have a simple sheet which shows different colour combinations of background and text, which I give to attendees. I have now put this onto my website for others to download and use if they wish.

It is the bottom link on the page