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GCSE results day

Its GCSE results day, and similar to A-Levels results last week yet again the radio and papers are reporting that it record breaking with more and more students getting the top grades, and following this are various cries of the exams getting easier, and other justifications for this trend. This year it has been reported that the increase in higher grades is due to learners doing less GCSEs on average, than in previous years.

Why can’t we as a nation entertain the possibility that maybe (just maybe) the increase in top grades is actually due to improvements in the quality of the teaching and learning, and some of the initiatives that Government have invested have actually achieved what they were supposed to achieve?


The sale of Essays on Ebay

The sale of Essays on Ebay

Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

A discussion has been started on a mailing list that I am on, asking if we as educators should be using plagiarism detection systems such as TurnItIn knowing that not everything gets picked up, and some people are learning ways to ‘trick’ the system.

To me one of the strongest reasons is the sale of essays on eBay – this is completely legal, no one is breaking any laws here, but I am concerned that looking at the sample highlighted here there are teachers, lawyers, midwifes and nurses out there potentially buying their qualifications…. Click on the image to view it within Flickr, which has some notes detailing the titles of the ‘sales’ on top of it.

Testing of cupboards

It is all well and good a large furniture shop (from Sweden) showing how they use a mechanical device to gently open and close their cupboards thousands of times, But a much better test, would be letting kids climb in and out!

Swan and Cygnets

Swan and Cygnets

Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

I am using this as an example of sending an image from Flickr to my blog