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The ‘legitimate’ use of YouTube

The video below showing IT support through the ages has done the rounds a bit after first appearing on YouTube over a year ago, but as James Clay references in his blog this originally broke copyright, but the owners wisely published this legally on their own YouTube channel.

This was a sensible and pragmatic solution, as it has done the owners no harm (they haven’t lost any income by releasing this).

In terms of providers of education, I think there is a strong case for each college or university to have their own channel (some already do) – where teaching staff can upload videos that they have taken that they want to use with learners. There would need to be some element of quality control to check that videos being uploaded didn’t break copyright or infringe on learners rights (e.g. videos of learners would need their permission) but for the college or university – yes other education providers may use these resources, but knowing now that a lot of learners when choosing a place of study are swayed by the influences of facebook, youtube and the like – the amount of money gained from this must out-weigh the perceived loss of money from other people using ones videos.


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