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Podcast on digital immigrants, natives, visitors and residents

A few weeks ago, I took part in a 5 way Skype conference along with James Clay, Lisa Valentine, Nick Jeans and David Sugden. The idea was to discuss the possibility of people like us holding regular recorded podcasts on different educational topics. We didn’t set out with the intention of recording this first session, but part way through felt that our conversation may be of interest to others, so we hit the record button, as we discussed the issue of digital natives or immigrants and a new take on this model called digital visitors and residents. The sound quality isn’t as smooth as some podcasts but the 5 involved were all scattered around the country, using Skype.

The beauty of this podcast is that unlike some of the official podcasts from the major organisations, (which are very good) – we can give our personal opinion (rather than the organisations opinion) and the fact that it is a natural conversation with the addition of some humour makes it a different listening experience. I don’t know whether people will be interested in what we have to say or not, but as a concept this is relatively simple to do, and shows a different educational medium that can be used.

If you have 15 minutes to spare, and want to listen to my 15 minutes of fame then listen here.



One Response

  1. This is a great idea. I will make a point of listening shortly (downloading now).

    I don’t know if you are aware of edtechroundup? Where a group of educators (mostly in the UK) have regular meetings over flashmeeting video conferencing (http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/home.html) and create a podcast of what was discussed. I don’t know whether this is the same as what you were thinking, but it might be worth a look.

    Their blog is at http://edtechroundup.com and thet have a wiki at http://edtechroundup.wikispaces.com/


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