Podcast on Skype conferencing

Similar to my previous blog posting where 5 of us met up virtually via Skype to record a podcast, the discussions that took place before we ‘officially’ started recording were actually recorded and turned into a podcast.

Full details and the podcast itself are available on http://elearningstuff.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/e-learning-stuff-podcast-005-its-because-hes-from-sheffield/

This is certainly less polished than even the previous podcast, and there is laughing at times were an unitiated listener may not get the joke – but what this does show is that having a ‘natural’ discussion (and all bar James didn’t realise that we were being recorded) can have educational merit – and it would be possible to use something like audacity to pull out a few key quotes from this recording that could be used elsewhere.

And finally – appolgies to anyone from Sheffield – it is just unfortunate that it was Nick’s connection that let him down, if it had been mine then the joke would have been based on Loughborough.


One Response

  1. Please do have a look at Call Graph too. It is an simpler alternative to using Audacity to record podcasts.

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