Podcast on the impact of the asus eee pc and other devices

Last week I was again involved in the recording of a podcast, on the impact that the asus eee pc has had on education since it first appeared about 1 year ago.

The podcast can be accessed here http://elearningstuff.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/e-learning-stuff-podcast-006-you-say-asus-and-i-say-asus/ but if you haven’t time to listen to it all – here are my views on the key factors:-

  1. These small PC devices are so cheap, they are now comparible to mobile phones, so it is feasible that in a few years time, learners will own them, and carry them around.
  2. With 3G services becoming cheaper and more affordable, again more learners will be using this in a few years time.
  3. So if institutions have over-rigourous blocking software, learners will just by-pass the institutions systems to access the internet through their un-restricted 3G connection and small PC device
  4. So the pragmatic approach for colleges and universities, is to invest less in providing lots of PCs for students (that sit there not used for most of the day) – instead to invest in a wireless network that people can connect to.
  5. The benefit of this is that people can then choose what works for them, some will like the small, lightweight funky asus eee type devices, some will like even smaller PDAs and people like me with broad shoulders and fat fingers, and poor eyesight, will carry a heavy laptop around – but all benefitting from the influence of the asus eee pc

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