Podcast on the ‘The VLE Debate’

I was involved in a podcast the other week, debating the role (and future) of the formal VLE within education. What was interesting about this podcast was that on the panel involved there was a range of views on the topic, which should have made it interesting listening materials.

I agree with Steve Wheeler’s views that the VLEs available are not meeting the needs of advanced users (like he and I) however I think strategically, using a VLE is a phase that people and institutions have to go through, and the fact that many institutions have spent thousands (some millions) of pounds implementing them now is not the right time to stop using them.

Saying that though I have recently connected on facebook with an old friend from uni who is a maths teacher, and he made this comment…

we’re using FROG across the local authority for our VLE, the biggest advantage I can see for me right now is being able access school files from home…saves me using laptops/memory sticks etc.

Within  the school sectors, many are now embracing VLEs but there doesn’t seem to be an integrated approach to training staff in how to use them. The end result, a huge investment in a system that allows a tutor to access files at home!

Anyway – to access the podcast – go to http://elearningstuff.wordpress.com/2008/11/30/e-learning-stuff-podcast-009-the-vle-debate/

2 thoughts on “Podcast on the ‘The VLE Debate’

  1. >>. The end result, a huge investment in a system that allows a tutor to access files at home!

    This consistent with my own experience and any research I have read in this area. People adopt the functionalities of a VLE in a piecemeal, incremental and non-radical fashion. It is natural in a way. Not everyone can be innovators (otherwise innovation would be the norm!)

    Cutting edgeists such as you will always be one step ahead testing the water. The majority will come later when they see that its not too deep and the temperature is not too hot.

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