Using ‘Paint’ to create simple quizes for a phone

Lilian Soon of xlearn is superb when it comes to using mobile phones with learners, and one technique that she has developed is creating a series of small image files, which you then distribute to the learners phones, and if they flick through them in sequence they have a learning object. Lilian has created a couple of video clips showing how to do this (by using good old humble paint) and what the end product looks like.

The first video, shows the end product

Source –

and the next shows, how this was created.

Source –

Another possible variation of this, would be to have images that show a sequence that has to be followed as a guide, so in say plumbing, for people learning the correct order to do thigns when doing a solder joint, a pictoral guide (that they then carry round with them on their phone) could be useful to some people, until they have learnt the technique fully.

10 thoughts on “Using ‘Paint’ to create simple quizes for a phone

  1. Correct – when I saw this technique, my instant reaction was the PowerPoint one – when I get a few minutes I will create a blank presentation that is set to the right size, which will make it easier. The only downside with PowerPoint, is that when it exports a presentation to jpegs, it names them something along the lines of slide1, slide2, slide3 ….slide10, slide11.

    This means that if you had more than 9 slides, when the images were put on phone they would be arranged alphabetically, so Slide10 would follow slide1 not slide9 which wouldn’t then work as well.

  2. This is such a good idea, my students have a multiple choice exam in Feb and are in midst of revising, this is going to be a really fun way to test their knowledge and get them into exam mode! thanks for such a simple resource!

    1. Glad that this has been useful, and yes the process of getting the files to the learners, is the tricky bit, and not something that can be achieved with a ‘1 size fits all’ solution especially as all phones are different and all institution systems allow people to do different things in different ways. Personally I think we have to reply on the learners being able to upload files to their, so all we need to do is get the files into a folder, and make this available somewhere. If a provider has some form of joint drive that learners have access to, then this will work well (and you can always have a link from the VLE to this area), but the downside is that this may not be accessible off campus. Another option, is to zip the folder, and then upload this to a VLE (or other piece of webspace) – the learners would then have to download the folder, unzip it and then upload to phone, which is slightly more tricky. But the best advice that I can give is to talk to the leaners and find out what they would find easiest.

  3. Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. I had been experimenting with Picasa and also looked into a prototype called Zurfer, but felt lost. Your response sounds very practical and useful. Thank you so much for your help! Patricia

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