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Frog – a learning platform that has impressed me

Today I went to visit the people at Frog who had contacted me after one of their staff had read an article on my blog which mentioned their product, and I have to confess that I am very impressed with the system. I went there thinking that Frog was a VLE, but looking at it (and in particular the new version which will be released in April) although it is an environment in which learning will take place, it isn’t based on the same model as other VLE systems, in that this is based more on social networking principles (a bit like facebook, but limited to people inside the institution), and is certainly not just a resource dumping ground. Some of the features that impressed me in particular are:-

  • It pulls timetable data out of the school MIS system to populate calendars in the system
  • It can be used by tutors to control internet access in a certain room in real time
  • It is possible for tutors to create their own learning resources, by dragging and dropping Frog blocks – a bit like adding widgets to Google Home Page
  • If someone produces a combination of blocks, for a certain purpose, they can package this up, and share with other Frog users so that they can use it
  • It looks very clean and similar to other web2.0 sites, rather than the often clunky appearance of other VLEs
  • It integrates many school systems into one place, embedding the tool into a teachers practice, rather than having it as a separate ‘bolt-on’ system
  • It has a parental access system – so schools can give parents access to certain information about their children
  • If a school wants to integrate with other systems, and the other systems are prepared to talk to the people at Frog, then they this can be sorted

Another area where I think that Frog will do well, is they have identified some of the problems that the new Diploma has thrown up, in terms of students from different organisations needing access to systems at other consortium providers, and have built this into their system, with things like a Moodle plug in, allowing people on Frog, to access an area on Moodle at another provider, this way of working I think will become very significant in the coming years. So all in, I was very impressed, and I think is a huge step forward for learning environments.

Frog - a learning platform that has impressed me



2 Responses

  1. Hi David. It was me that saw your earlier blog post. Sorry I didn’t catch you in the office this morning, it would have been good to meet you and say hi

    Thanks for taking the time to come and see us, and I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Gareth – I am glad that you find my blog useful, I was certainly surprised how quickly your company got in touch with me after the initial posting.

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