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CPD is more important than capital resources

Something that I have always believed and long argued, is that it is more important for education to invest in staff development than just resources, and this week there has been an article on the BBC website about this. Part of the problem has been the pressure on (especially Colleges) senior managers to keep staff costs down, and other problems are the way that many projects give capital funding only (so possible to buy lots of shiny kit, but not a penny for staff development).

Possibly the biggest problem at the moment is the new build programmes (which I know many are on hold at the moment due to the financial situation) where Billions of pounds is being spent on the buildings, but again not a penny on the staff development, and with the new builds being built with less teaching space than the old, and with the building being designed to be fit for the next 50 years, the reality is that people will have to change the way that they teach and learn, and this in my opinion needs staff development and support.

Maybe there should be a Governement policy that states for every £100 spent on technology there has to £5 spent on staff development or even just staff time (so that they can learn how to use the equipment that has beeb purchased). Maybe the recession will make people think more about how they use their money, and realise that investing in staff is better value than just equipment