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Using a blog for reflective practice

Today I presented at an event organised by EMCETT, where I ran 3 X 1 hour sessions on ‘Using technology for refelctive practice’. This was mainly based on my experiences of my 2 teacher trainingcourse that I have taken, where I kept a paper based logs, which the tutors never saw until I handed it at the end of the course. This for me was a pointless exercise, and the truth is that I have never looked in them since (and I don’t even know where they are).

Today I showed various techniques most using a mobile phone and various web services to create a more engaging, multi-media reflective log with text, audio, images and video, and how this can be connected in a blog – the ideal tool for reflective practice, as with a blog the tutor can regularly follow what you are doing, and provide timely feedback – also  you can connect to your peers blogs, to see what they are up to, comment on each others and learn from each other.

I think the sessions went quite well, with the feedback from the attendees being very positive.  I hope that I didn’t cover too much, and they will go away and look at a few of the ides that I shared.


Using technology for reflective practice in teacher training

Tomorrow  I at an event organised by EMCETT (East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training) and I will be running some workshops on how technology can be used for reflective practice. I beleive that this is one of the most powerful uses of technology in learning, and for teacher training where the reflective log is an integral part of the training, this has huge benefits.

In the session I will be showing how the mobile phone can be used in various ways to reflect with audio, images and video, and how this can all be linked together in a blog, which a tutor can then follow through the RSS feeds and something like Google Reader to aggregate them.

I am looking forward to the session, and hope that I can influence teacher training in the area as a result.

Podcast on Inclusion, conferences, and lesson planning

The last few months I have rather busy so have be unavailable for the e-learning stuff podcasts series, but last week could find the time to join one of these casts, which as usual took a meandering wandering through various topics, starting with the idea of an unconference, then onto do we need big name keynote speakers at events, a bit on inclusion, and then finally our views on lesson planning (which I think could be a podcast in its own right).

The podcast can be found here

Does education kill creativity

A colleauge of mine pointed me to this video on YouTube, which is of Sir Ken Robinson talking about ‘Do schools kill creativity’, which although over 20 minutes long, is well worth watching as it is very funny and very effective with an important underlying message.

One quote in the video in particular was ‘If we are not prepared to be wrong, then we can never be creative’

I think the messages in this video are very good, and it also shows that you don’t need PowerPoint presentation to keep an audience captivated for 20 minutes.