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Does education kill creativity

A colleauge of mine pointed me to this video on YouTube, which is of Sir Ken Robinson talking about ‘Do schools kill creativity’, which although over 20 minutes long, is well worth watching as it is very funny and very effective with an important underlying message.

One quote in the video in particular was ‘If we are not prepared to be wrong, then we can never be creative’

I think the messages in this video are very good, and it also shows that you don’t need PowerPoint presentation to keep an audience captivated for 20 minutes.


2 Responses

  1. Amazing presentation. His humor and ability to form images within our minds served as a unique replacement for traditional visual aids. The points he addressed are very relevant. As a student graduating with a B.S. just 2 months from now, I realize the level of experience required in the business world, and feel a lack of adequate preparation. I think I have had a wonderful education, but the skills and processes for thinking that will most benefit me will be discovered in the “real world”. University life is a bubble which indeed trains you to think and write like an academic.

  2. […] want an example of this in practice, then watch some of Sir Ken Robinsons clips in YouTube such as https://davefoord.wordpress.com/2…Insert a dynamic date hereCannot add comment at this […]

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