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Using a blog for reflective practice

Today I presented at an event organised by EMCETT, where I ran 3 X 1 hour sessions on ‘Using technology for refelctive practice’. This was mainly based on my experiences of my 2 teacher trainingcourse that I have taken, where I kept a paper based logs, which the tutors never saw until I handed it at the end of the course. This for me was a pointless exercise, and the truth is that I have never looked in them since (and I don’t even know where they are).

Today I showed various techniques most using a mobile phone and various web services to create a more engaging, multi-media reflective log with text, audio, images and video, and how this can be connected in a blog – the ideal tool for reflective practice, as with a blog the tutor can regularly follow what you are doing, and provide timely feedback – also  you can connect to your peers blogs, to see what they are up to, comment on each others and learn from each other.

I think the sessions went quite well, with the feedback from the attendees being very positive.  I hope that I didn’t cover too much, and they will go away and look at a few of the ides that I shared.


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  1. Hi Dave,

    Part of the European work I’m doing concerns reflection. On day one, I’ll be asking them what reflection is all about, why/if they do it and how/where/when they do it. i will then introduce blogs and blogging – giving them over lunch to think about the potential. Then later in the day we’ll look at microblogging and social networks – specifically setting up their own NING.

    Paper – end of course – ??? I agree – what’s all that about?

    p.s. – can you please change the link to my blog – to http://eduvel.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Dave
    An interesting subject and one that I am very interested in myself. I agree that a blog is a fantastic technique for reflective practice and I am enjoying exploring your blog.



  3. As I said to Helen in her post about reflective practice and the Internet, confidentiality is a major issue-how do you see us addressing that?

  4. […] for reflective practice Posted on June 16, 2009 by davefoord Following my recent post on using a blog for reflective practice I have been asked about issues of confidentiality with these ideas, and this is of course a very […]

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