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Tagging videos as an educational tool

Over the last 12 months I have regularly demonstrated Veotag which is an excellent site where you upload a video, you then go through the video and apply ‘tags’ and a textual description to parts of the videos. these tages can then be used to navigate to a certain point within the video, or you can directly link to one from somewhere else (e.g. a blog being used a reflective diary), or just to provide additional information about what is going on in the video. This could be used by the tutor creating resources for learners, or by learners showing their understanding of a topic. An example of a veotag output can be found here.

However Veotag have announced this week that they will be stopping the free service, which is a real shame, so I have started looking at alternatives.

One option would be to use YouTube and the caption tool built into that – an example of which would be (I have used the same video and added a couple of captions at the beginning. This wasn’t as easier to do as with veotag, but I think that YouTube is unlikley to ever go away or to start charging.

Another option is something called Viddler which does allow tags and captions which are quite easy to add, and by the looks of it, other people can add captions and tags to my video, which could have huge educational benefits (as well as a few undersireable side effects) – and the output from this looks like

Now I still think that Veotag does the job the best, so I guess that I will have to look at how much it costs to subscribe, but at least I know that there are other alternatives out there that can be used.


One Response

  1. It’s really scary when they are both playing together ):-)

    However: Thanks for this Dave – i’ll take a look at Viddler. I like the way which you can choose visual points along the stream to a particular comment – which doesn’t seem available on YouTube.


    Did you see the Tweets about Spinvox coping with foreign languages …?

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