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Why do VLEs display the most recent items at the bottom?

About 5 years ago I was holding a student user forum where I provided a selection of students with a free lunch in return for information about the VLE and the way that we used it. At the time our VLE was arranged with content for week 1 at the top and week 30 at the bottom (as was and still is the norm). One of the students at this forum said that he would prefer the latest information (e.g. The most recently uploaded) to appear at the top not the bottom. This learner was outvoted by his peers (who thought this was daft) so nothing changed.

However I look back now and realise that this wasn’t as daft as it sounded in that nowadays other forms of communication such as email, facebook, twitter, blogs and news websites all show the most recent stuff at the top not the bottom so this must have evolved as a preferred way of working.

So the question is ‘why don’t VLEs offer this as standard’ I have been working recently with a couple of moodle based projects where I am doing just this, but I have to add the content then manually move it from the bottom to the top which is very slow and clunky. Why doesn’t the VLE give the learner a choice (a bit like email does) so they can have the content how they want?

Has anyone else ever had similar thought on this to me ?


One Response

  1. Yes!
    I’ve often thought this.

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