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The joys of teaching the teachers

earlier this week I ran some training sessions for Abingdon and Witney college on using turnitin software to help reduce plagiarism. this is a topic that I love working with and have a lot of experience in. Today I recieved an email of thanks from one of the attendees which read

“Please would you pass on my thanks to Dave for his brilliant training session that he gave earlier this week for Turnitin. I really enjoyed what he was teaching us and appreciated hearing his own experiences of using this software. I can’t think of anything more challenging than teaching a group of lecturers, but he was absolutely fantastic!”

so quite a nice bit of feedback there but I particularly like the big about how challenging it is to teach lecturers(or teachers). This again is how I make a living. i have over the last 10 years delivered well over 1100 training sessions to teaching staff and although they often turn up late and then do all the things they tell their learners off for doing, I couldn’t think of a better way to earn a crust.


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