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Why do I blog?

I had started to draft a blog article about the reasons why I blog, but Steve Wheeler beat me to it, with his excellent posting on http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com/2009/12/why-do-i-bother.html and rather than me producing an inferior article, I thought that it made more sense for me to point to Steve’s posting, and then add on the 1 point that I had on my list, which he had missed – and that is as a memoir to myself.

If I come across something that I may want to refer to in the future (often a set of instructions), then I will blog about it – this way I will be able to find that information easily from any internet connected computer, and in the process other people may benefit from my posting as well, for example my posting on https://davefoord.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/quickly-creating-a-google-map-from-a-spreadsheet-of-data/ I wrote primarily as a set of instructions to myself (using Word in fact) I then looked at it and realised that others may benefit – so did a very simple copy and paste into my blog.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for your kind comments on my posting Dave. I had fun writing it, but it also made me think more deeply and clearly about my reasons and motives for blogging. I have to admit, writing blogs as a memoir to myself is an uppermost reason for me to blog in the first place. I suppose it’s so closely ingrained in my mind that I simply didn’t articulate it clearly. i guess I need to point people to number 2 on my list, which I hope at least approximates this:

    2) I also blog because during the process of thinking and reflecting on my own professional practice and what is happening around me, I need somewhere to keep a record of these impressions.

    Hope I’m off the hook? 🙂



  2. I left this message on Mr. Wheeler’s blog as well. 🙂

    My reasons are different, but I guess it depends on the nature of your blog. My personal blog is about my mom’s death of brain cancer, and I began it, ironically, 5 days before she died. I started it – and still write in it – to get things off my chest that I was (and am) not comfortable sharing face to face with people, but things that I knew I had to get out before I exploded.

    I continue to blog not only because this need it still present, but because of the feedback I’ve received from others in my situation who (apparently) find my blog to be helpful to them.

  3. Last year I wrote a paper with a short accompanying video on blogging and learning. Both are presented from the perspective of using blogs with students but the inspiration came from my own experience of blogging and there is a great deal of emphasis on self-directed learning of the kind in which we all engage.


    I guess the paper summarises all the different benefits I feel I get from blogging… I apologise for not being able to do this in fewer than 5,000 words 😀

    It’s interesting that you focused on that point, Dave, about capturing your thoughts with a view to return to them at another point. Toril Mortensen focused on exactly the same thing in what was probably the first academic article about blogging (Mortensen & Walker 2002) – and that was indeed the central focus of my own blogging activity for at least the first year, when blogging was a primarily individual affair for me – more like a learning log. I definitely think that once a wide readership is obtained then the blogging process is altered significantly as the notion of ‘audience’ becomes a lot more pressing and tangible. Not necessarily for better or for worse in terms of learning – just different. Perhaps there’s value to be had in having two or three different blog identities (I do and it works great for me).

    Steve – would you agree? Now that you have ‘blogging fame’, the way in which you blog, what you blog about and who you blog for… have these things changed, and why (and if not, why not)?

    • I actually have 4 blogs, 2 are private for very specific purposes, one is for my kids which I allow friends and family to access, and then my main blog is the one that you see here. One of the beauties of WordPress.com for me is that is very easy to manage all of these blogs through one portal, especially with the iPhone app

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