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EMFEC conference – Geoff Petty

Today I am at the EMFEC annual conference, where Geoff Petty will be the star attraction.

Robins Wood House

Originally uploaded by Dave Foord

My role during the day will be to take notes using Mind Genius, as I will have a 30 minute slot at the end of the session to show how Mind Mapping software can be used to apply some of the principles that Geoff will mention, including the ability to export a Mind Map to Word – which I will attach to this blog post as part of the process, and here is my output from the process. This won’t make much sense to anyone not there, but is designed to show what is possible

EMFEC Conference 2010 – Geoff Petty


2 Responses

  1. I used to do some training for EMFEC – using assistive software with dyslexic students. They had a lot of trouble in those days getting the software to work, getting sound, etc. However they were really nice! If Michele Chesterfield is still there, give her my regards.

  2. Yes Michelle, is still there, and thankfully things have improved so the software issue is much less of a problem than when you were there.

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