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Inspirational Speakers 4 schools (and the power of Twitter)

Last week I was followed on twitter by @lonkwantes who runs the website http://www.inspirationalspeakers4schools.com which provides inspirational speakers and trainers for schools and colleges.

We entered into a communication exchange and Lon discovered that I had skills (uses of technology in education) that would compliment her site, so it was agreed that I would be listed as one of her speakers/trainers.

Then the very next day she had a request from a school wanting training providing which fit my bill, which today we have finalised and all set up for a day in November.

This shows the power of services like Twitter, putting me in touch with Lon, which instantly lead to work for me (and hopefully other future dates as well) thus giving me an opportunity to work in the school sector, and an opportunity for the school sector to benefit from my abilities.

This form of marketing and networking, interest me far more than the various sites, and directories that want me to pay to be listed (which I don’t do).


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