Integrating Optivote Voting Systems with Moodle

There are many Colleges and schools in the country that own voting pads sets, and alas many of them sit in cupboards gathering dust as staff haven’t been given the time and support to leOptivote Handsetarn the software and to develp the activities.

However – one of the voting pad companies (Optivote) has come up with a very clever idea – to integrate their software with Moodle.

I like the idea of this for various reasons:

  • It means that a tutor has less systems to learn
  • If a student misses a session they can still partake via Moodle
  • It will encourage staff to use the Groups tools within Moodle which I think are excellent but about 90% of the people that I come across don’t use them
  • The Moodle will hopefully have all the student names already in the system in the correct class so no problem with having multiple systems, or having to export and import CSV files etc.

There is a cost associated – which for small providers may be an issue, but for medium and large organisations it works out very cheap – so for people that have lots of sets of Optivote (green voting pads) or CPS (Blue ones – previoulsy sold by eInstruction)

Here is a video showing how it looks.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Dave,

    I saw the OptiVote system in use at the recent IITT exhibition and was pleased to see that every attendee was able to leave feedback via the tool however, the wording of some of the feedback prompting questions left a lot to be desired potentially spoiling ‘muddying the waters’ for first-time users.

    My organisation uses the TurningPoint handsets, which saw a great deal of use a year or so ago during an Environmental Awareness campaign but are now ‘gathering dust’. Your article has inspired me to persuade some of our internal learning facilitators to dust them off again.

    Incidentally the Turning Point handsets also allow for Moodle integration.


    • Hi Craig – thanks for the response. I don’t know as much about TurningPoint as other voting systems, but looking at their website what they describe as a Moodle Integration, it doesn’t look like it is a true integration like the Optivote one – instead they have a plugin which allows you to export questions from Moodle into TurningPoint, and then import the student grades back again afterwards, which although better than nothing, will still be a few steps too far for some, but it may help people to make best use of both the voting pads and Moodle.

      At this point I will add that I am not trying to sell any system over another – my interest is that people make best use of what they have – as I hate the expensive cupboard syndrome!

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