Using Excel to create a ‘drag and drop’ activity

Regular followers of this blog, will know that I am a big fan of Excel and use it lots as a teaching and learning tool. One way that I have used it, is when creating drag and drop activities.

I think this technique is excellent – as:

  • It is very quick for me to create
  • It promotes higher order thinking skills
  • It can be printed, used on a computer, or an Interactive Whiteboard
  • You can introduce an element of self-marking, by simply giving the learners a completed example by an expert (you) for them to compare their responses to.

These 4 videos will take you through the skills that are needed to create a simple drag and drop continuum activity.

The first video is an introduction showing, what is possible

The second video shows the skills required to draw the continuum

The third video shows the skills required to create the dragable shapes

The final video shows how to finish off the activity.

The videos above although produced by myself belong to the JISC RSC SE

6 thoughts on “Using Excel to create a ‘drag and drop’ activity

  1. Great solution… there a way when opening the window in excel to view the activity to get rid of the dotted line so all you see is the field with the activity?

    1. Glad you like the post. It is possible when you save the file to hide grid lines, sheet tabs and formula bar, and page breaks to make it look cleaner. What you cannot do is set the size – and this will alter on different peoples browsers. I generally set the size smaller (e.g. 80%) and easy for people to slide the slider in bottom right corner to make bigger if needed.

  2. Thanks for the post. One alternative approach I’d suggest is, Instead of typing text into the shapes and converting to an image, just link the shapes to cells with the required text (then hide the cells). e.g. If cell E2 contains “100m Sprinter” then select the relevant shape, go to the formula bar and type “=E2” and 100m Sprinter will appear in the shape. If you later want to change the text, change the reference cells. Like your other solution, the cell can’t be edited.

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