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Using Screenr to create learning objects (and keep them private)

Followers of this blog, will recognise that I am a big fan of Screenr, and use it a lot in my work – with most of the videos appearing on this blog being created with Screenr.
One of the things that I like is the ease with which I can share what I have produced as most of the time that is what I want to do, however within education there are times when people don’t want to share.

It is possible though to use Screenr to create resources, that you then keep private. They will be in the public domain for a few minutes during the process, but unlikely to be found during those few minutes.

This screencast will show you how.

Now – I only recommend the keeping private technique for resources that need to be kept private. Tools like screenr have been developed in the spirit of sharing that is web2.0 – so I hope that most screencasts created are left in the public domain for others to potential use, just like people benefit from the screencasts created from others.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for taking the mystery out of private streaming. It’s a pretty sweet tool, I like.

  2. […] Screenr to create learning objects and keeping those objects private if necessary. See his post here. Share […]

  3. Excellent post Dave. I’ve used Camtasia in the past, but the cost implications in today’s climate and also the lack of any installation will lead to me recommending screenr to a lot of staff. I like the way you have highlighted the method for keeping this private.

    • Tools like camtasia or captivate are very good for creating professional looking outputs, which has it’s place – but in education these tools are expensive, take time to learn and most importantly take time to create. This is where screenr, jing, camstudio etc come into their element.

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