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How to quickly upload lots of images to PowerPoint and then compress them

A few months back I ran a training session for some primary school teachers, on how to use PowerPoint within primary education, and they were very impressed with most of the ideas and techniques that I worked through with them, but the one that captured the imagination of even the slightly IT wary teacher was showing how we can quickly bring lots of photos from a camera into a PowerPoint presentation.

This is a very simple technique, but one that many people haven’t discovered yet.

A video showing how to do this, and how to compress the images in one go can be found here


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for this Dave. I didn’t know how to do this in Powerpoint, I would usually do it in Keynote on the Mac and then export to Powerpoint which was a long winded way of doing it and unsuitable process for most (or virtually all) staff.

    Useful compression info too.


  2. It is a very simple pair of skills that most people don’t know about, I think I discovered it by accident a few years ago.

  3. Like all your postings, this one is practical, easy to follow and instantly relevant to some very common problems – excellent.

    I’ve been using your editable text boxes in making up some interesting PP-based webquests. Given that learners can enter their answers on the slides the presentation becomes a really neat way to present the learning module with video clips, weblinks, etc but with the completed text boxes it also becomes a record of the learners’ work too. Thanks for sharing your excellent ideas with us!

  4. […] How to quickly upload lots of images to PowerPoint and then compress them « Dave Foord’s Weblog […]

  5. Excellent, Dave. Very clearly presented!

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