Trimming and Embedding a YouTube Video into PowerPoint

I have blogged many times in the past about things to do with PowerPoint, including how to embed a YouTube video, or how to use TubeChop to embed a YouTube video.

In more recent versions of PowerPoint (2013 and 2016), the ability to embed a YouTube video has been made easier, and the following video will take you through the steps:

Although easier to do than in the past, this technique has been unreliable for some people in some organisations, so I always recommend to people to paste the video’s URL onto the slide somewhere as a live link, so if this doesn’t work, you have the fall back of simply accessing the video via the YouTube website.

This technique is showing how to embed the video – this means you still need access to the Internet when viewing the presentation, and it won’t work if the organisation blocks YouTube.

This technique replaces the older method of using the shockwave flash object, or using TubeChop to trim the video.

3 thoughts on “Trimming and Embedding a YouTube Video into PowerPoint

  1. This is not working in my ppt 2013. It says it “can’t insert a video from this embed code, try a different embed code or a different website.” Is it because I’m trying to trim a clip form a well-known movie?

    1. Hi Maria, not sure why you cannot embed the video, but morally the question is whether you should be embedding it. If the video has been uploaded to YouTube by someone that didn’t have the right to upload it, I personally wouldn’t embed it into a PowerPoint. If the person that has uploaded the video to YouTube owns the video, then it maybe that there is something in the video that stops it being embedded.

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