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Automatically pull an entire sheet of data between google spreadsheets

Edit (22/6/2017) – please note that since writing this post, the company importsheet.com has been renamed as sheetgo.com

In November 2011, I wrote a blog post titled ‘How to automatically pull data between different Google Spreadsheets‘ – which was based on a feature called ‘ImportRange’. Although nearly 5 years old, this particular blog post is one of my most frequented and certainly the most commented on post that I have ever written.

I have recently been introduced to a new add on feature called ‘Import Sheet’ – which can be found at https://www.sheetgo.com – and this does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to easily import (or export) a sheet from one file to another. So for example, I use google sheets to log the work that I do for each of my clients, with each client having a separate workbook (this means that I can share that workbook with them, without them seeing other contracts that I work on). I can then have a master dashboard, which imports copies of these sheets into a single location, and using simple functions such as the = function, I can then pull key data out of each of the sheets into my dashboard. Using Importsheet rather than the ImportRange feature is much easier, quicker and less likely to have problems.

The add on is a commercial tool, that does have a pricing plan, however the free version does what most people will want. Obviously I have no idea how the pricing plan may change in the future – they may choose to get rid, or reduce the functionality of the free version, so I wouldn’t suggest that people invest lots of time creating high stakes activity with this add on (unless they are prepared to pay in the future) – but certainly for the moment, this looks rather neat.


9 Responses

  1. […] Edit 26/10/2016 – Please also look at a more recent addition to this post  – https://davefoord.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/automatically-pull-an-entire-sheet-of-data-between-google… […]

  2. Hi Dave,
    Greetings from Seattle. I need a bit of assistance with a Sheets challenge – your blog suggests you likely know the solution. I have three Sheets summarizing various employee assignments that I’d like to summarize into one Sheet per employee. Assignments are made in an individual column (column B) with related details in columns A-D. I’m hoping to query these three sheets and if Column B = “John” then copy adjacent columns A-D (i.e one row) into the summary spreadsheet.
    Any idea how this could be done?

    • Hi Paul – what you are describing is something that i think would be better achieved by coding – so if using excel then using VBA, if using google docs using something called scripts. I am proficient in VBA but not google scripts.

  3. Hi Dave,
    Do you know how to add the sum of coloured cells from on tab to another?

    • No I don’t know how to do this, it may be possible, but I don’t know how. If the colour has come from some sort of conditional formatting – then you should be able to use the same conditions that created the conditional formatting to create a sum.

      If the cells have been coloured manually – then not as easy.

  4. Is there a simple way to copy a template form into a new tab within the same master doc? I want to have sheet 2 and 3 emulate the form of sheet one. I’m really struggling to do that. Thanks! John

    • I am not sure I fully understand your question. If you want sheets 2 and 3 to look like and behave like sheet 1, then simply duplicate sheet 1 and rename it. But I am guessing you are wanting something more than that?

  5. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the mention. Since you published this we changed the name to Sheetgo (www.sheetgo.com) and added a filter/query feature (so you don’t have to bring in the entire source sheet if you don’t want) amongst other new features.

    We have users all over the world from schools, to non profits, to multinational companies creating intelligent spreadsheet based systems with Sheetgo as the ‘glue’. If you have some time let’s chat and see how we might be able to work together. Feel free to shoot me an email at: chad@sheetgo.com


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