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    • A lot of my work at the moment, and I expect for the next few weeks, is helping clients get their #moodle sites ready for #GDPR 1 week ago
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    • After 2 weeks off, back into all things #Moodle for different clients. Lots of upgrading getting ready for GDPR 2 weeks ago
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Adding a date picker to Excel

As a huge user of Excel, I am often entering dates into cells. Different versions of Microsoft have had date pickers as an optional add on, but they haven’t always worked for me with all versions or consistently.

I have however just discovered this free tool:

Which is created by Sam Radakovitz , which does exactly what I want.

Once set up, if a cell in Excel is set as a date, clicking on that cell, will bring up a small calendar icon to the right of the cell:

Image showing the calendar icon to right of the selected cell

Which when clicked on, will bring up the calendar tool, making it easier to enter dates, and not have to worry about the correct format, or whether the spreadsheet has been set up in UK or USA format.



Full credit to Sam for this one, I am just blogging about this mainly for my own benefit so that I can relocate this in the future when I change computers.


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