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Creating a ‘Gap fill’ activity within Microsoft Word 2007

Gap fill activities created within Word are relatively low level interactivities, in that they don’t give the learner feedback, and are really only good for lower order thinking skills, however they are a very simple way of converting an existing ‘static’ word document into something with an element of student engagement. These video clips have been produced using Microsoft Word 2007 – the principles are similar in other versions of Microsoft Office, but the way of doing this is actually different.

This first video shows what the output will look like.

The second video will show how we create this effect in Microsoft 2007. The techniques may be slightly different in other versions of Word (or other Word processing packages) – but the principles will be same..

If you want to take this technique further, then my suggestion would be to switch to Excel, which then gives you options of providing the learners with feedback, simple scoring mechanisms and validating their entries etc. I blogged about this previously at https://davefoord.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/using-excel-to-create-a-matching-pairs-activity/


Content creation tools eXe, Xerte and Wimba Create

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to evaluate 3 different content creation tools, eXe, Xerte, and Wimba Create (which used to known as CourseGenie). All of these tools are designed to allow someone with average IT skills to create multi-media learning content that is exported as a website (html) – without the person creating the content having to learn any web design skills. All 3 have advantages and disadvantages and trying to decide if one is better than another is impossible – they are all good in different ways.

Whilst I have been working with the tools, I have recorded a gabcast (a short podcast that is created completely through my mobile phone at no cost to myself) for each tool, and then a summary cast, to try and identify some of the features ans issues, and to help someone to come to an informed decision when choosing such a tool.

Gabcast! Crossing the Foord #7 – The content creation tool eXe

Gabcast! Crossing the Foord #8 – The content creation tool Wimba Create (formerly CourseGenie)

Gabcast! Crossing the Foord #9 – The content creation tool Xerte

Gabcast! Crossing the Foord #10 – Comparing and choosing a content creation tool