A bit about Dave Foord

Dave Foord

Dave Foord is an experienced and qualified lecturer, having taught at both FE and HE levels in the discipline of Sport Science at Loughborough College. He then worked for 2 years at the University of Derby as e-learning staff development co-ordinator for 2 years,  before venturing out freelance under the company name of A6 Training and Consultancy Ltd

Dave has a passion for learning, and a desire to ‘raise standards of learning teaching and assessment’ through his work. He is a very experienced and  skilled staff trainer, and consultant and uses this blog to share ideas, link to resources, and as a tool for his own reflective practice.

10 Responses

  1. Hi.

    I came across your blog on a search for image compression within Word.
    But you seem to offer more value than that for me: I have an IT background but have recently moved into teaching English to speakers of other languages. I can see from your tag map and other references (e.g., to Moodle) that you’re into e-learning.

    Suggestion: how about an entry in the blog’s “About” page? At present, it says, “This is an example of a WordPress page …”

    You seem to have some high quality content … good wishes,


  2. Hi David

    I love the resources on your site and often direct teachers to them. I used your helpsheet on “How to record a sound bite into a Word document” and customised my toolbar for audio-file marking. But now I’ve ‘upgraded’ computer and have Office 2007 – and can’t work out how to do the same thing.

    Can you help?

    • Hi. The answer is that yes it is possible to do the same thing in Office 2007 as I helped someone acheive this, but I cannot remember the steps that I took, and at the moment I don’t have access to office 2007 to try again. As soon as I do get access I will work this out again and re-blog the method.

      Glad you like the resources.

  3. hallo Dave
    interested to know more about a fellow inhabitant of this planet who has the same name as me .

  4. Hello Dave,

    Really appreciate your useful, well-communicated information. Very helpful, thanks.

  5. Dave,

    You da man! Thanks so much for your much appreciated asisstance! Your formula worked just perfectly! Cheers!

  6. Just found your blog, Dave, when I Googled “VLE names” and totally get your reasoning why VLEs shouldn’t have a name. I was actually looking for inspiration because the Learning Technology guys at Southampton Solent University are revamping the VLE and want to rename it (it’s currently called MyCourse….) and wanted suggestions. I posted a link to your blogpost instead….hope that’s OK!

    Anyway, I did a scan of your other posts and I reckon I’ll be back to glean some more wisdom.

    Nice work, thank you!


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